1st international exhibition of paintings of modern naive and insitable paintings, Art brut and Outsider art.

The EXHIBITION INSITA PRAHA will present to visitors the artworks of modern naive, art brut and outsider art artists from both the Czech Republic and abroad.

The main part of this exhibition will consist of works of art by contemporary naive artists. The exhibition is also partly open to artists creating art brut style. This style has now seen a growing interest from experts and the public in France. I would like to introduce at least one artist who creates in the style of Outsider art.

For the first year, I plan to participate 20-30 artists (Czech Republic + wider Europe) with the assumption of increasing interest from exhibitors. I draw on the experience of Bratislava's Naiva, where 10 artists participated in the first year and more than 30 in the second year.

A colour catalogue will be released for the exhibition.

Accompanying programme to the exhibition:

Furthermore, I would like to organize a lecture, workshop or guided tour in the gallery.

For several years now, I have been actively engaged in the promotion of Czech naive art, I plan to hold the 1st edition of this exhibition and thus include Prague alongside other cities in the world where these exhibitions have been taking place for many years.

In the future, I would like to establish a tradition of these exhibitions, which are successful abroad, e.g. Polish Katowice are very visited, Italian Varenna has a 50-year tradition, Naiva Bratislava is very popular or the exhibition in Chateau Waroux in Belgium.

For many years I have also participated in international exhibitions (I have won three prestigious awards, my works have been published in international catalogues...) and I have many personal friends among artists from abroad, so I know that they would be very interested in the exhibition in Prague and the Lapidarium gallery is a very beautiful and unusual space with an attractive location in the city center. And Prague 1 could participate in an exhibition of paintings that people across all generations understand and cultural education.

I believe you will like my concept of the exhibition and look forward to future cooperation.


For the organizer of the Exhibition Insita Praha:

Alexandra Dětinská

Naivepainter and director of the exhibition INSITA PRAHA

MoNaIV z.s.

Preslova 5, 150 00 Prague 5, Czech Republic

ID 08640980

Phone +420 721 944 377